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Sign Language Classes


Talking Hands Incorporated offers sign language classes for families with special needs children and individuals that support special needs children. We currently have families with children who have diagnoses of deafness/hard of hearing, autism, Down’s syndrome  and/or other disabilities.  Our sign language classes will take place twice a year during the spring and fall.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)  Program


Our  organization offers a STEM program for special needs children.  This will expose special needs children to the sciences through visual and hands-on learning.

Literacy in American Sign Language


Our organization will conduct a literacy training.  This training will teach families how to read books to their children using American Sign Language.

School Uniform Campaign


Our organization collected money and purchased school uniforms  for low-income children.  We provide socks, undergarments, hats and  school uniform items (pants, shorts, and  shirts). Talking Hands Incorporated wants to be sure that we are "Impacting Lives One Child at a Time".

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