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"Talking Hands Incoporated is a dynamic interactive and hands on learning program that has been instrumental in guiding me through the process of better communicating with children who have limitations expressing their wants and needs. I commend your hard work and commitment to providing a much needed resource and educational program to the community that focuses on understanding and communicating to children with special needs and their families! The many guest speakers, from community advocates to medical professionals sharing information on “HOW TO’S for children with special needs” was invaluable and useful to families. The free handouts and emails about community outings and social events were a BONUS! OMG….Danita, ENGAGING, AMUSING, GIFTED, PERSONABLE, WITTY and CHARISMATIC for ten straight weeks she brought a magnetic energy and oomph to each class, truly a GREAT teacher, joy and inspiration!  Thank you Talking Hands Incorporated for sharing your gifts!"    TAMARA S.




I had the privilege of attending one of Talking Hand’s Beginner’s ASL ten-week sessions. This was one of the best decisions that I ever made for my family. From the beginning Shee’ displayed her generosity by offering me her spot in the class, as of course it was oversubscribed. On several occasions, before the actual class, we had various short, but useful, presentations on accessing various services for our loved ones with special needs. The ASL classes were fun, entertaining, relaxing and educational. Ms Danita engaged the class in a wonderful way. She always ensured that we ‘got it’, before moving on. By end of the ten weeks, we all felt like family! Thanks guys!     ALISHA P.




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